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Donors are requested to have acknowledged and accepted the Pricing Policy.

  1. You as a donor is making donation to Aplus Foundation on voluntary basis.
  2. Donation to the Aplus Foundation does not entitle you to any goods, services, positions at/from Aplus Foundation or any other consideration.
  3. Donors have free will to donate any amount as per their wish and maximum limits set by Bank, Payment Gateway and the Law.
  4. For online donations to Aplus Foundation minimum donation amount should be Rs.100 ( Indian National Rupees) per donation transaction. Apart from this your Bank or Payment gateway may have limits on minimum amount of transaction.
  5. Payment gateway charges TDR to Aplus Foundation for online donation transaction done. Donor may have to pay these additional charges for which Aplus Foundation is not liable to issue receipt but only for donation amount.
  6. Maximum amount of online donation is Rs.10,00,000 (Indian National Rupees) if you want to donate more than this then contact Aplus Foundation by email: or by phone: 9879208363. Apart from this your bank or payment gateway may also have limit on maximum amount per transactions.